"I have always had a passion to create and as I grow older, I realize how much it nurtures me. Time flies when I'm working on a project. And, I keep several going at all times. I embrace color and how it conveys joy. I live a life with color!"

Celebrating food, fun and the pleasure of gathering to share both, Charleston artist Lynn Payne’s paintings grace many private collections and public spaces throughout the country.

Fascinated with the simplicity of food, and especially with the organic beauty of fruits and vegetables, Lynn imparts personality to the humblest of produce. Even a turnip looks pretty when painted by Lynn.

Cocktails, picnics and pool parties were part of another series that was picked up, reproduced and sold throughout out the country by a national greeting card company. Whether it’s a still life featuring a solitary cantaloupe or a group of rowdy women cavorting in a stream, Lynn’s art invites the viewer into the picture to share the moment.