Lynn Payne: Blog en-us (C) Lynn Payne 2020 (Lynn Payne) Thu, 31 Mar 2022 22:38:00 GMT Thu, 31 Mar 2022 22:38:00 GMT Lynn Payne: Blog 80 120 Spring Energy I'm feeling re-energized by Spring and can't wait to start planting! The Capitol Market season will be here soon I am excited! In the meantime, I'll be painting and invite you to come by and see what's on my easel.

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Out My Window "Out My Window" (oil on canvas)

As I paint what I see through my living room window, the scene is very entertaining.  The plants and birds are like a theater production; change is constant.  It’s impossible to be bored!  As I write this, our cat Cicely is napping inside, while the mourning doves I see outside look like big fat cats. 

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A Room of Your Own As Virginia Woolf once said, "Everyone needs a room of one's own."

To me, it's my studio, my command center!
I have so many ideas in the works and I just want to keep at it.
It's truly my happy place! It provides a space for inspiration, experimentation, exhibition, solitude,
and rest. I can easily enjoy a "stay-cation" in my studio

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Van Gogh Tribute

I recently completed an unusual assignment that I found met my skills.  The grandmother of young children commissioned me to recreate the famous Vincent van Gogh painting, “Starry Night.”  She wanted art in the children’s playroom that will be enjoyed as they grow.  (This was a wonderful excuse to visit The Van Gogh exhibit before it left The Clay Center.) The painting is about 30x40 inches, about the same size as the original.  It takes a lot of paint to fill up such a large canvas!  This is the first time I have recreated a painting, and I would be interested in doing more.


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A Departed Pet JackJack20X20 gallery wrap<br/>$425 - sold

Over the Christmas holiday, I finished a commission to paint a family pet that had departed.  A commissioned painting makes a wonderful and personal gift that lasts a lifetime.  Memories made into a painting can bring joy for years to come.


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Edgewood Christmas Market I participated in a Christmas Market at Edgewood Country Club to sell with my ornaments and wine glasses, both stemmed and stemless.  Painting on glass is very different from painting on canvas or paper.  Some have palm trees or flower motifs, some have initials (custom), and others are abstract.  I also painted some glass bud vases.  If you’re interested, I have some left for sale, and if you have a birthday or anniversary date coming up, I can also do custom work.  If you can, it’s good to get hold of me two to four weeks in advance.


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New Notecard Designs LPCard-140LPCard-140 LPCard-144LPCard-144 LPCard-143LPCard-143













As my painting goes, I’m working on some new greeting card designs.  West Virginia-themed cards have been very popular, and my newest one is a black bear in a stream with a trout.  I’m working on a new cake – yellow cake with chocolate icing – as a greeting card design, too.  Watch for these new cards soon in the usual places, like WV Marketplace, Eggplant, and Drug Emporium. See All Notecards Here


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New Paintings "Pea Pickin""Pea Pickin"11 X 14 oil on board
I love finding inspiration in everyday things.  One day recently I was shelling peas.  The flowers that grow on the pea vine are so pretty, and I started a little painting of the peas with a few of the flowers.  (It’s amazing how long you can shell peas and still have such a small amount!)  Now I’ve moved on to paint a bunch of radishes in a bowl.  These two little paintings show off the colors of summer vegetables.

"Radish Plate""Radish Plate"11 X14 oil on board


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Palm Pair Palm Trees - UntitledFramed oil on canvas, 25"X37" each Palm trees put me in a vacation frame of mind. When I see palm trees I know that I am away from home base and enjoy the relaxed vibe and joy they bring. There is such variety to palm trees that they can be an endless source of inspiration. This new pair of palms took me away while working on them. I hope they do the same for you!


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Summer At The Pool Summer FunLynn and our friend and fellow artist Mack Miles having fun in the sun. So far this summer, I’ve enjoyed working outside in my garden, tending to my flowers, taming my mint patch, and with Steve, completing a very rewarding project improving up the pool house in our neighborhood.  We put up party lights, got a little refrigerator, and made a small bar.  The walls are cinderblock, but we worked with what we had without spending a fortune, and it looks super!  We added a fire pit behind the pool house and lots of container pots filled with trailing succulents, New Guinea impatiens, and spikes.  The pots look great, and they hide a few unsightly spots like utility boxes.  I love hearing the sound of water trickling in the pool each morning when I water and deadhead the flowers.  It’s very Zen.  Come and visit – we’ll be at the pool!

Getting It DoneWe employed some local muscle to build our firepit in the form of friends Will Strickland and Drew Casingal. Here they are enjoying a job well done!

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Georgia Graduates















Georgia’s graduation was our big event of the Spring!  We’re very proud of her and her accomplishments at Georgetown. The outdoor graduation at Nationals Park was lovely in spite of pandemic restrictions.  She is currently living in D.C. and working as the vaccine coordinator at Georgetown while she applies to medical schools for 2022.


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Spring Wildflower Walks




Loving nature seems to a theme for Steve and me this spring.  Since the first of April, we have been taking weekly walks in Kanawha State Forest, making note of all the wildflowers coming up.  Each week is different.  Recently, I did a painting of Jack in the Pulpits and Lady Slippers.  I think it’s time for another painting, as we expect a new showing of these lovely wildflowers during our walk next week.


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Beach Dreaming I’ve just completed a large beach scene with people, beach umbrellas, the ocean, and a big, puffy cloud.  Florida scenes remain among my favorite subjects to paint.  I dream of making a trip there before long, and these seascapes help ease the frustration of months without travel to see them in real life.


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Birds on Our Front Door Speaking of loving nature, a mother finch built a nest in the wreath on the ArtHouse front door.   We’ve tried to be careful as we leave.  Each time we open the door, Mama Finch quickly flies off to the side and away until the “danger” of our presence has passed.  This morning Mama Finch and her babies all flew off, leaving me in search of a new wreath!

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Warm Memories Bouchon Bakery"Bouchon Bakery" in Nappa Valley, CA oil on canvas 12"X16"


You could say my theme for painting right now is “happy, warm memories” as I put on canvas some of my favorite sights from past travels.

On a trip to Napa Valley several years ago, we happened upon the Bouchon Bakery, just down the street from the French Laundry. 

The cases were filled with goodies – eclairs, rainbow layer cakes, and all kinds of bread.  While I don’t always start with a sketch, I had time to sketch this delicious scene and then decided it needed to be put on canvas.

Steve says he gets hungry looking at this one. His gigantic sweet tooth makes him a sucker for baked goods. 


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Fresh Florida Strawberries  

I just completed a painting of a basket of strawberries in their green plastic basket from the Strawberry Lady.  The Strawberry Lady’s winter visits help all of us know that spring is not far away.  What a treat it is to have fresh Florida berries to help us through the last of the cold winter months.




























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Lynn Payne Featured Artist I am pleased to have been selected as "The Featured Artist" of the month for this Canadian art site.

Click the image to see the story.

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Down Dog Rug Faces Rug Face
















Spending the days inside during the recent extremely cold weather, I have looked indoors for inspiration.  The latest is a Turkish runner with rich red colors, now resting on the floor of my dressing room.  I do my yoga on this rug every morning and when I do my "down dogs", I see faces or masks in the design. As a result, I have created several small studies, 6 x 6 inches and 11 x 11 inches.


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"Prize Pickles" Prize PicklesPrize Pickles18X24
oil on canvas floater frame

"Prize Pickles"

One of my favorite themes over the summer was food, starting with a penchant for pies.  Most of these paintings are small and square, perfect for an empty area of kitchen wall not covered by cabinets, or perched on an easel for the countertop or sideboard.  My second food interest of the summer was colorful pickled produce in Mason jars, inspired by my friend Helen Chilton.  Helen shared her canned pickles, beets, tomatoes, beans, and peppers grown in her urban garden.  And my friend Lisa Smith, co-owner of Mountain Juice, packages their freshly made products in Mason jars, adding to my interest in these age-old vessels.  Just seeing a Mason jar brings to mind something homemade.  Talk about comfort food!

Apple PieApple Pie$250
12 X 12 - gallery wrap
Chocolate PieChocolate Pie$250
12 X 12 - gallery wrap
Blueberry PieBlueberry Pie$250
12 X 12 - gallery wrap


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Blue and White Forever Latte DaLatte Da16"X20"
oil on gallery wrap canvas
Morning Still LifeMorning Still Life15X29
oil on canvas
ClassicsClassics9 X 12 oil on gallery wrap

Amid the food, thoughts of Florida, and commissioned paintings, I return again and again to one of my favorite color combinations – the classic blue and white.  I take little breaks from it but never go very long without capturing this beautiful duo that looks good with everything.   Using my own collection of blue and white objects, I like to move these things around, give them another purpose, or view them in another room. This opens my eyes to new possibilities.  Sometimes I discover I liked that vase where it was, but often I’m energized by the changes.


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Best Part of Our Trip The beautiful flowers at Easton Town Center turned out to be the best part of our COVID get away.

Recently, we made a short trip to Easton, and the beautiful plantings around the shopping area included gorgeous giant pots of mixed plants – pots up to my chest layered with shrubs and flowers.  As restrictions due to weather and COVID ease, Steve and I look forward to more short trips like this one to Kentucky or Ohio.


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Dreaming of Florida Jungle TrailJungle Trail28X22
oil on linen
I’m also thinking and dreaming about Florida and painting some Florida scenes. I miss going there.  The Sebastian Inlet Pier in Sebastian Inlet State Park brought to mind a fisherman on the pier with lots of gear and several fishing poles.  This has led me to paint more fishing scenes.  In my memory, I’ve also revisited the Jungle Trail, a sandy walk along the Indian River in Vero Beach.  I made one painting of the Jungle Trail last year and have now painted more, adjusting the colors.  I love the Winter Park area too, with its big, “Old Florida”-style houses.  Sadly, many of these places are disappearing because real estate is being snatched up for development.  Florida is an easy road trip for Steve and me, and there is still a lot of the state we want to visit.

Sebastian PierSebastian Pier11X14
oil on canvas framed
Sunset GrillSunset Grill12X16
oil on linen


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Peace in A Cross RenewalRenewal8 X 10 oil on gallery wrap
MysticMystic9 X 12 oil on gallery wrap
Energy FlowEnergy Flow8 X 10 oil on gallery wrap

Last month I told you about the Best of West Virginia show at Tamarack.  My “Alliums” painting sold early to a traveler passing through the state.  A new juried show at Tamarack is coming up called “Motif.”  I’ll have one of my “Crosses” series in this show – a cross within an oriental carpet design.  I love painting crosses.  I love the graphic simplicity of the cross, and the color combinations are endless.  Their small size (9x12 or 8x10) makes them perfect for hanging in a favorite corner where you read or just enjoy some peaceful moments.  You can be a believer or a non-believer; there’s something about the cross that reflects inner peace and calms the spirit.


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ArtHouse Notecards at Drug Emporiums Steve and I are delighted to have our greeting cards available at all three Drug Emporium locations! Our cards are also sold at Eggplant on Bridge Road and at West Virginia Marketplace at the Capitol Market.  And, we’re looking into new ways to offer our work through online offerings and showings.

Here are our other notecards that are currently available...
Lynn's Cards
Steve's Cards


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Best of West Virginia at Tamarack I’m very pleased to have just received news that my painting of “Alliums” will be part of the 12th Annual Best of West Virginia Juried Exhibition at Tamarack to open September 26.  If you’re traveling by Tamarack this Fall, I hope you’ll visit the gallery.

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Camp Sucklick on The Greenbrier "Beaver Bend"Our backyard at Camp Sucklick ©Steve Payne Steve and I have been spending time at our camp house on the Greenbrier River, the perfect spot to stay away from crowds.  It’s a wonderful place for appreciating nature and finding inspiration for our art.   We take daily walks and have enjoyed the respite that is so hard to capture during “normal times” when the demands of work keep us all so busy.  The extra days at the camp house also have given us time to discover unintended projects, like needed repairs to the porch and the roof.  We now have a good idea of what it’s like to be featured in one of those home improvement shows on HGTV!
What was once a dark and dank old chest with sticking drawers became a shot of color and much better storage space at camp. A more fun (and less challenging) camp project was repurposing a clunky bedroom chest into a functional cubby to store our weekend gear.  It’s such a good feeling of satisfaction seeing and putting the end result to use.  I’m not sure any of this would have occurred to us if it weren’t for the pandemic changing our vacation plans.

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Make A Wish Do you remember making a wish before blowing on the dandelion puff?
When I was a child, my aunt Nelle told me to make a wish and blow on the puff and watch the fairies float away.

During the early days of  COVID lockdown, I walked the hills around our neighborhood, observing the first buds spring. Before the flowers bloomed, the dandelions were popping out everywhere. Suddenly, I could see the beauty in what once was considered a lowly nuisance.

The result of memories and inspiration are these three paintings that work great together as a triptych or separately. Each panel is 11X14. Is there a place in your home for these?

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Light A Candle of Intention
Not only do I like the scent of a burning candle, but it's flame signals that this is my creative time to focus on the work at hand. The scent surrounds you with a constant presence allowing you to connect with the project in front of you. Give it a try if you’re having trouble focusing on your work at hand, I think you’ll find it can truly help!

Quote of the month:

"Maturing is realizing how many things don't require your comment."

Rachel Wolchin

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Every Bottle Tells A Story VanityFairVanityFairPrivate Commission

Every Bottle Tells a Story...
I would love to tell your story on canvas. Whether it's a wine bottle or perfume bottle, we all have our favorite's. Over the years, I have painted many "special" wine and perfume bottles. Let me create a custom portrait from your collection. Also, a one of a kind personal painting makes a very special gift for almost any occasion!

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A Christmas Crash Course In Reorganization JLowJLow 'Twas the morning before Christmas and all thru the house, not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse. Then, lo and behold there arose such a clatter, but no one awoke to see what was the matter. As I crossed the hall to my studio steps, my eyes opened wide to the sight of a wreck. My shelf of collectables had crashed to the ground, cd's and goodies scattered around. After picking through, sweeping up, and packing away, I realized that lots of this stuff did not need to stay. So, the car was loaded with a donation haul, and I was off to Goodwill instead of the mall.

Now to stop rhyming and tell you the truth, here's what I did with the shelf; and you could too... Ribbon ShelfRibbon ShelfHere's the shelf that crashed to the ground repurposed as a ribbon organizer.

Here's Wishing you a "Refreshed" 2016!

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More New Work Available For Purchase Click image to see more.

Sushi Blue -- Lynn PayneSushi Blue "Sushi Blue" 18X24 oil on canvas $750 Read and Blue "Read and Blue" 18X24 oil on canvas $750

Window Blooms -- Lynn PayneWindow Blooms "Window Blooms" 11X14 oil on canvas $400 Cherry Blossom -- Lynn PayneCherry Blossom "Cherry Blossom" 18X24 oil on canvas $750

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Listening: The Truth According to Us book image -- The Truth According to UsThe Truth According to Us I am currently listening to "The Truth According to Us" by Annie Barrows

This novel is set in the 1930's in the fictional town of Macedonia, West Virginia. Ms. Barrows peppers the landscape of her story with many familiar landmarks to those of us from West Virginia. I am absorbed in the characters and the plot and find it utterly delightful. Highly recommended!

]]> (Lynn Payne) Annie Barrows audio book listening Thu, 06 Aug 2015 22:00:00 GMT
Crafty Oh, I have to share this with my crafty friends... I adore zinnias and these painted pine cone flowers look just like them! I found this on Pinterest.

pine cone flowers -- Lynn PaynePainted Pine Cone Flowers

Words to Live By:  

"Count your rainbows. Not your thunderstorms."   Alyssa Knight

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Collecting: Bakelite Flatware bakelite flatware -- Lynn PayneBakelite Flatware

I love collecting Bakelite utensils bring a nostalgic feel to the kitchen and set a cheerful mood to the table.

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New Work - "Summer Melons" - Available for Purchase

"Summer Melons" 24 x 24 oil on canvas $800

Hi everyone, As I write to you, I am packing to go on our annual summer vacation-yay!

Not only does this mean packing in preparation for 2 1/2 weeks away, it means planning to have the house plants and garden watered, the cats fed and the house checked on.

I then "close" my studio - put the caps on the paint, clean palettes and store paintings.

This brings me to my my mantra of the week... "Paint like there's no tomorrow!"

I paint throughout the year knowing that my real vacation lays ahead, where I will be soaking up sun and inspiration.

I'm taking a small sketchbook and watercolor set for daily musings which I will post on Instagram.


Little Miss Sunshine

July is the birthday month for our daughter, Georgia's sixteenth year!

Little Miss Sunshine -- Lynn PayneLittle Miss SunshineJuly is the birthday month for our daughter, Georgia's sixteenth year!


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Listening: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time" by Mark Haddon

I was excited to discover that a favorite book that I listened to was made into a Tony winning Broadway play! "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time"  follows fifteen year old Christopher Boone as he sets out to find who killed his neighbor's dog. Christopher has Aspergers Syndrome, a condition similar to Autism. This makes a most interesting and compelling main character. The narrator convincingly gives Christopher the voice of a boy with a peculiar personality. I found this to be funny, honest and incredibly moving.

]]> (Lynn Payne) Christopher Boone The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time book listening Thu, 25 Jun 2015 21:00:00 GMT
Collecting: Shells Shell Collection

Summer is here and soon, we'll be at the beach! Which means I'll be doing one of my favorite things, combing for shells. I like to get up early to bicycle over to the waterfront and walk along the shore to see what the ocean left on the sand. Every morning I marvel as the sun moves up the horizon and colors a huge display of cloud formations, and as I walk and pick through shells, I feel pure and utter peace...lost in the moment.

I have large glass jars filled with my collection, which bring back those warm memories when I'm home in the winter. What do you do with your shells?

Shells © Lynn Payne

]]> (Lynn Payne) beach collecting shells Thu, 18 Jun 2015 21:00:00 GMT
A Grand Affair Grand AffairGrand Affair16X20 gallery wrap

I collaborated with my father on this painting which has been juried into the "Best of West Virginia" show in the David L. Dickinson Art Gallery at Tamarack.

This painting is a compilation of several of the photographs he took at a party he attended during the late 1940's. Although he is no longer living, I feel his exuberant personality whenever I look through any of the numerous photo albums he left behind. He was a real "shutterbug".

The Best of WV show runs from June 21 through August 9 at Tamarack, Beckley, WV

]]> (Lynn Payne) Best of West Virginia Tamarack Thu, 11 Jun 2015 21:00:00 GMT
Listening - The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry This is a double header. In order to fully be immersed in the second novel I recommend starting with the first.

"The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry" by Rachel Joyce

This is Rachel Joyce's remarkable debut and best-selling novel.

Harold receives a letter from his long ago friend, Queenie Hennessy. She is writing from a hospice to say goodbye and thus Harold inadvertently sets off on foot to see her, believing as long as he keeps walking, Queenie will live. Taking place in a small English village, Harold embarks on a cross country odyssey. Along the way he meets one fascinating character after another, each of whom unlocks his long dormant spirit and sense of promise.


"The Love Song for Miss Queenie Hennessy" by Rachel Joyce

This is a follow up to Harold Fry. This time focusing on Queenie Hennessy and the life events that brought she and Harold together to become friends and later part ways.

The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy underscores the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love.


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Collecting Watering Cans

I have long been attracted to vintage watering cans. I like hanging them around our garden and so do the birds. As I was getting ready to fill one of my cans with water the other day I discovered a bird nest  with baby hatchlings inside. It's a good thing that I have several.

]]> (Lynn Payne) Watering Cans garden Thu, 28 May 2015 07:45:00 GMT
Art for Public Spaces These paintings were selected for the new Charleston Area Medical Center's Cancer Hospital.

I was beyond pleased when I saw them feature in a news story about the opening event.

The application to submit artwork to be selected to purchase for the center was complicated to say the least (I almost gave up trying)! Months went by  before I was notified that my work was chosen.

It is tremendously gratifying to create art that is used to not only provide beauty, but that it can add peace, reflection and encouragement to an environment.

Carpe DiemCarpe Diem30 X 30
oil on gallery wrap canvas

Garden PondGarden Pond$650
24 X 30 - gallery wrap


]]> (Lynn Payne) Charleston Area Medical Center's Cancer Hospital Thu, 21 May 2015 07:45:00 GMT
Collecting Orchids OrchidsOrchidsSold

I didn't intend to collect so many orchids. But over the years, I have quite a group. I prefer receiving them to cut flowers as the blooms last for weeks. It must be the large, east facing window in my studio that has something to do with keeping them going. It's such a joy to discover a new spike forming, knowing that soon it will bear new blossoms.

I'm looking forward to spending some time with some of my old friends, when I take them out to the back garden in order to repot them.

]]> (Lynn Payne) collecting orchids Fri, 08 May 2015 23:15:00 GMT
What I'm Reading - The Shoemaker's Wife

A beautifully narrated, epic tale of love and family, war and loss, risk and destiny.

Starting out with the majestic and haunting beauty of the Italian Alps and concluding in America "The Shoemaker's Wife" by Adriana Trigiani is a portrait of the times, the places, and the people who defined the immigrant experience. I even shed a tear with this one.

]]> (Lynn Payne) Adriana Trigiani books reading Thu, 30 Apr 2015 23:15:00 GMT
In the Garden This painting was created for the Briar Hills Garden Club's "Outdoor Living Spaces Tour & Reception." Our event takes place on Thursday, May 14th from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Garden BenchGarden Bench11X14

Start the evening strolling through beautiful gardens and be inspired to create an inviting outside retreat of your own. We conclude with a reception on the historical grounds of the former "Sunrise Museum" featuring  hors d'oeuvres, a cash bar and silent auction ( where you can bid on this charming painting or other fabulous works from area artists).

Tickets are $20.00 and proceeds benefit the new CAMC Cancer Center outdoor space. I have tickets, email me back of you'd like to purchase any or contact

]]> (Lynn Payne) Briar Hills Garden Club CAMC Cancer Center garden bench Wed, 22 Apr 2015 22:41:04 GMT
What I'm Reading - Mr. Mac and Me

I find listening to a story while painting a great combination. Sometimes it gets quite isolating working on a piece for hours and days. A good listen keeps the momentum going. Currently I'm listening to "Mr. Mac and Me" by Esther Freud

Having long admired the the works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, I was eager to listen to this. Although fictional, it is a compellingly told story of an unlikely friendship. Taking place in a Homefront community during the First World War. I highly recommend this to those of you who enjoy historical fiction as well as art history. The narration is superb, transporting one to the Suffolk coast and leaving you with more insight on the life of this this brilliant artist.

]]> (Lynn Payne) Charles Rennie Mackintosh books reading Thu, 16 Apr 2015 22:15:00 GMT
Collecting Silhouettes

I collect Silhouettes. My collection began with one of my father as a young boy, then they started popping up in various antique and junk stores and, a collection was born. My favorite is the one of our daughter, made during a bible school activity when she was around four years old. Although, most are antiques, they still look contemporary in their graphic simplicity. Here is a fun project to try from my cyber friend, Ashley Hacksaw...

]]> (Lynn Payne) collecting silhoutte Thu, 09 Apr 2015 22:00:00 GMT
The Visitor Upon hearing a loud "thump" on my dressing room window, I looked out to find this little guy knocked out. He was so still that I thought he was a goner. I realized that he was a Cedar Waxwing and I had never seen one up close - he was SO beautiful. I was inspired to do this little painting as a remembrance and as I started sketching, he began to awaken and slowly sat up in a daze and moments later, flew off. I'm grateful to have fully embraced the moment.

The VisitorThe Visitor10X10
oil on gallery wrap canvas

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One Size Fits All... Snow might be in the forecast, but when I gaze at my painting of these colorful sandals, I am instantly transported to my favorite place... the BEACH! These sandals are the quintessential footwear of many chic resort towns along the coast.
And these paintings are sure to set the mood of a room to one of sunshine and relaxation. Let's go on vacation! One size fits all.

Beach Feet IIBeach Feet II$475
15 X 30 - gallery wrap
Three SandalsThree Sandals$475
20 X 20 - gallery wrap

]]> (Lynn Payne) beach sandals shoes summer Wed, 11 Feb 2015 22:47:00 GMT
Cicely In The Morning Light WaitingWaitingSold

The early morning hours pass too quickly. I awoke early this morning to the faint light of the sky. After some reflection & reading, the room was a glow in sunbeams. Soon the day will be a buzz with voices and activity. I just want to savor this moment. And, here is a painting from another early morning when I caught Cissy in the act.

]]> (Lynn Payne) animals cat goldfish Mon, 06 Oct 2014 23:00:00 GMT
Sisters SistersSistersRemembering Lillian and Ruth who lived across the street from us for many years. The painting is now in the collection at The University of Charleston.

Ruth Anderson and Lillian Burgess were sisters that shared the house across the street from us. They were complete opposites from each other. Lillian was ladylike, always in a dress, her white hair piled in a high bun on her head. She drove around town in her vintage powder blue VW beetle. Her sister Ruth dressed in pants, was cantankerous, and loved a good joke. They have been gone for over a decade, but Lillian's hydrangea bushes live on in our garden. The painting resides in the permanent collection at The University of Charleston.

]]> (Lynn Payne) Lillian Burgess Ruth Anderson neighbors portraits sisters Fri, 03 Oct 2014 22:52:42 GMT
My New East End Lamp Post Art

The original painting  ( "Pink Lady")represents one of the many turreted homes in the east end neighborhood. The sign is located in front of "The Abundant Life Ministries" church at 1534 Washington St. East. The painting is on display at Old Colony Realty and is for sale.

]]> (Lynn Payne) East End Main Street houses lamp post public art Mon, 25 Aug 2014 14:29:29 GMT
Come See "Our Appalachia" at Tamarack Wedding Guests

This painting along with another were accepted into the Tamarack Art Gallery's new show "Our Appalachia", which opens Sunday August 10th and closes September 28th. The subjects are based on a photo that I took at a friend's wedding in the country. Stop by the gallery to see the show, and then have a bite at The Greenbrier Cafe.

]]> (Lynn Payne) Greenbrier Cafe Tamarack Art Gallery pearls portraits sunglasses wedding wine Thu, 07 Aug 2014 13:43:20 GMT
Virginia-Elizabeth Goes On The Block

This painting of the infamous "East End Chicken" aka "Virginia-Elizabeth" will be up for bid in the "Street Works Art Auction & Celebration" on Wednesday, June 25th, Festivities run from 5:30-8:00 p.m. Go to for further information & to purchase tickets to the celebration. Put "Payne" in the "Artist Code" section of the registration form

]]> (Lynn Payne) East End Chicken Virginia-Elizabeth chicken Mon, 23 Jun 2014 11:40:36 GMT Simmer

To make a great pot of soup, you start with several ingredients. First you chop and sauté some onions, layer in some spices, add a little wine, add some more vegetables, some broth, and then you let it simmer... The longer it simmers, the better the soup.

Creating is like that. Sometimes artwork needs to "simmer", that's when I take a break from one painting and work on another. That simmering time renews my enthusiasm to approach the work again. And ideas are no different, I have some that have been simmering for years and are just now bubbling into fruition. LP

]]> (Lynn Payne) creating ideas simmer soup Sun, 16 Feb 2014 21:43:55 GMT
Restaurant Girls

This is a subject that I saw in my mind and had to paint it. I asked several of my friends from church to gather around a table and pose so that I could take some photos. After working up sketches from the poses, I invented  the "table-scape". After weeks of concentrated effort, it was finished and I displayed it in a local restaurant. Although, the painting is still available, it has led to numerous portrait commissions using that theme. You never know where an idea might lead... here are two commissions that came from others seeing this one. Cheers!

]]> (Lynn Payne) commissions friends gathering portraits restaurant Tue, 04 Feb 2014 23:52:18 GMT
Some Things Never Change I recently ran across this childhood photo of me deep in thought, and when I did it looked an awful lot like me now.

Some things never change I guess. What to do...what to do?

]]> (Lynn Payne) childhood in my studio lynn payne photos Tue, 12 Mar 2013 19:34:21 GMT
Sacred Space I had a need to claim a sacred space within our busy den, so I started painting a series of crosses.

My eyes can rest upon the cross throughout the day and I am transported to a place of peace. When I am creating these paintings, I am feeling a rhythm between my soul, the colors and texture of the paint, and graphic simplicity of the cross.

As it turns out, other people have expressed a similar need to claim their sacred space with one of these crosses. And one has become a published book jacket cover.


]]> (Lynn Payne) cross inspiration peace sacred space Sun, 24 Feb 2013 23:15:46 GMT
A Toast to Robert Wong Bistro Chefs

With this post, I give thanks and credit to my friend Robert Wong, the late chef and restaurateur. Several years ago, I approached him at his restaurant, the Bridge Road Bistro, to inquire about placing some of my paintings in the dining room. Robert already had a vision of what he wanted. He looked through my work and asked if I had ever done any paintings of wine bottles. I replied "No, but I will". He gave me several bottles of fine wine, and off I went to my studio to get to work. When I took a finished painting back to the Bistro, he loved it and purchased several more for the dining room. I have since received many commissions by patrons to paint their favorite wine. Often, they have visited a vineyard and want to remember their trip with the painting.

When Robert died suddenly last summer of a heart attack, leaving behind his wife and two sons, it rocked my world, and that of our community. After mourning his loss, the Bistro reopened and continues to be a very popular eatery and a vital part the social scene here in Charleston, WV.   Cheers!

Painting of Robert Wong and staff by Lynn Payne

Red Tasting

Recent wine still life by Lynn Payne

]]> (Lynn Payne) Robert Wong bridge road bistro paintings restaurant wine Sun, 17 Feb 2013 23:31:49 GMT Lilly, Lilly, Lilly! Lilly Girls

I have been a big fan of Lilly Pulitzer for many years. I was recently commissioned to create this painting featuring "Lilly girls" for a teen's bedroom. The dog in the painting belongs to the girl and the dog's name is "Lilly". Also, not only is the "LP" on the tote the initials for Lilly Pulitzer, they are the teen's initials, as well as mine! It is my dream to one day create a fabric design for the company. A girl’s got to have dreams!

]]> (Lynn Payne) Lilly Pulitzer commissions dog pets teens Fri, 08 Feb 2013 16:27:32 GMT
Inspired by Fabric

Along with the tablecloths, I started to amass a collection of wooden bowls. This was years ago, and I could find them for very little money in thrift shops. I painted on the bowls, lots of them. And, I sold a good many of them. But they were so time consuming to paint, that I really needed some extra help to produce them, so I finally threw in the towel...or fabric so to speak. Even though the bowls were popular, one of a kind, the time it took to paint the type of designs I was doing didn't make it a worthwhile investment of my time.  What I really liked was creating the designs...licensing anyone?

]]> (Lynn Payne) bowls licensing table ware Thu, 07 Feb 2013 14:44:52 GMT
My Fabric Addiction

I'm a bit of a fabric "hoarder".  Years ago, I started collecting vintage table cloths, I couldn't stop, so I guess it's an addiction. I have them folded in stacks in my kitchen and in boxes stashed throughout the house. I finally got over the urge to buy more, but I'm not ready to part with them. They're just so cheery! I did several little paintings inspired by them. Maybe someday I'll explore textile design.

]]> (Lynn Payne) fabric flowers table cloths table ware textiles Thu, 07 Feb 2013 14:38:01 GMT
"Ladies Having Lunch" Picnic Ladies

I have admired the painting & sculptures of renowned, Columbian artist Fernando Botero.  I was attracted by the ample figures featured in all of his work. Even his animals are round & full. For me, it's a "form thing", that was an early influence on the "ladies having fun" series. Many of these paintings went on to be national selling greeting cards, fine art prints & canvases for needle point by a design company. Although, I've moved on to new subjects, I still get requests for " the ladies".

]]> (Lynn Payne) Fernando Botero ladies picnic Mon, 28 Jan 2013 19:49:49 GMT
Pool Ladies PoolLadies

My father kept meticulous photo books through out his life. They document his growing up in Charleston, family gatherings, parties, cousins, friends, travels & more parties. Many of my favorites are from the 1940's up to the early 50's.

One picture in particular from 1951, shows a group of ladies (my grandmother's friends) in a swimming pool having a grand time. It so captivated me that I had to paint it. I put my own modern "spin" on it though. Not only did the original painting sell, but it became a top selling national greeting card, fine art print and a needle point canvas for a design company.

]]> (Lynn Payne) ladies licensing pool summer swimming Sun, 20 Jan 2013 23:40:33 GMT