Q&A With Lynn

Lynn Payne is one-half of the Payne ArtHouse, a studio, and gallery in Charleston, West Virginia. Let's meet Lynn:

Q: When did you first pick up a brush?
Lynn: I don't recall exactly when I first picked up a brush, but I was quite young. What I can tell you though, is that I was a first-class finger painter in Kindergarten. My mother framed one of "masterpieces" and hung it proudly in the den for years.

Q: How would you describe your style?
Lynn: Representational with impressionistic influences, though my work doesn't strictly reflect any specific school of painting. I feel that I have a whimsical take on traditional subjects.

Also, I feel tremendous gratitude when my collector's reach out to tell me how much enjoyment they receive from my work. 

Q: What are your favorite subjects to paint?
Lynn: There are so many -- it's hard to choose. Certainly, landscapes, flowers, still-life, and people.  Bottles, too, whether for wine liquor or perfume. I like to think that "Every bottle tells a story.

Q: Where did you study art?

Lynn:  I studied fashion illustration at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
At that time, newspapers and magazines featured illustrations throughout and department stores had art departments that employed illustrators. But, it wasn't long until everything went to photography.


Q: What is your favorite work by another artist?

Lynn:  I can’t choose just one:  Anything by Georgia O' Keefe, Fernando Botero (The Dancers), and Alex Katz

Q: Tell us about your home.

Lynn:  Our house was built to showcase art, both Steve’s and mine – and to welcome friends, family, and clients to enjoy it.  It’s both a gallery and a workspace for both of us.

Q: You and Steve have been married for a long time, but what’s one thing he doesn’t know about you?

Lynn: I’m not sure there is much we don’t know about each other by now. lol!

Q: What is something that your patrons don’t know about you?

Lynn:  I get very upset about littering! And how much plastic is used for packaging – and how much of it is not recyclable. 

Q: Do you choose all of your subjects or do you accept commissioned work?

Lynn: I do accept commissioned work.  I do many wine bottles and perfume bottle portraits. Also, I just finished a painting for a client featuring a beloved car with the family dog.  That one was fun, and the “model” was only compensated with treats!